Wooden clothing hangers – THE all-rounder

Our manifold wooden clothing hangers are providing THE optimal solution for all of the different pieces of clothes of your customers – from wholesalers to retailers to boutique owners. It doesn´t matter whether you´d like to use the wood hangers for hanging trousers (with a pant web), for skirts (with appropriate clips) or for dresses and tops (with useful notches for a better hold of the straps), because our comprehensive wholesale range offers the ideal wooden clothes hanger for each and every boutique. Furthermore here too you can rely on our color diversity. With our practical hangers your customers won´t be able to help, but adore the clothes you´re presenting to them.

We offer a variety of wooden hangers: natural wood hangers, pinewood hangers, lotus wood hangers and beechwood hangers. In terms of color, you will find wood hangers in black, hangers in white, hangers in red, hangers in brown and hangers in light brown. Non-slip wooden hangers are wood hangers, which are partly covered with rubber.
Would you like to engrave your wooden hangers with a name or a logo? We can make this possible!

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