Nothing beats Clothes hangers

Clothes hangers in general represent the best invention ever in our opinion. The advantages of those cloth hangers are clearly obvious: Hangers for clothes out of wood of our manifold range are for example ideally suited for hanging jackets or pants. Storing lighter pieces of clothing – like for instance t-shirts, summer dresses or blouses – is a no brainer with the cloth hanger plastic. Clothing hangers out of stainless steel are bribing particularly when presenting heavy clothes – like e.g. winter coats. With all that variety, the colors too are not missed out, because all of our models can be acquired in the colors white, blue, black, red, gold and gray.

Everything in one place: hangers in black, hangers in white, hangers in dark gray, hangers in red, hangers in blue, hangers in green, hangers in purple, hangers in silver, hangers in rose gold, hangers in chrome, hangers in silver or gold Hangers. Enjoy the variety of colors of our colorful plastic hangers!
Gold galvanized plastic hangers or polypropylene hangers, the so-called PP hangers, you can order them from us.

You can also order the hangers with your own name or logo engraved.

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