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Quellenplatz 4
1100 Wien
Company number: 159131 t

1. Scope & amp; Defense clause

1.1 For the legal relationships between
the operator of the Skytrading KG shop, hereinafter “Skyfashion” or “provider”)
and its customers and users apply exclusively the following general
Terms and Conditions in the respective version at the time of the order.
1.2 Deviating general terms and conditions of the customer

2. Registration registration

2.1 Registration as a user takes place at With the
Registration becomes the system from
authorized. The user undertakes to register in the online shop
provide truthful information. With the registration the confirms
User that he / she is of legal age and has full legal capacity.
2.2 For activation, the “Skyfashion” needs a copy (scan or
Photo) of your business license or ID. This copy is by email or post,
but not to be faxed to “Skyfashion”.
A multiple registration under different names or addresses is
inadmissible. The user ensures that the email address he / she specifies
Account is reachable from the time of the specification.
2.3 The user immediately “Skyfashion” by changing the information into
the user data management with if data (such as name, address, email)
to change. “Skyfashion” is allowed to users who have no, wrong or faulty
Send address data with immediate effect and without prior notice from
Exclude usage. As far as a contract has been concluded,
In this case, “Skyfashion” withdraw from the contract.
2.4 “Skyfashion” may expressly register without giving reasons
reject or revoke. In this case, “Skyfashion” may use the user name and
block the corresponding password immediately. “Skyfashion” reserves the right to services

as well as the terms and conditions – general terms and conditions, without separate announcement
to change, to add, to charge, to delete or the
Discontinue publication temporarily or permanently. Warranty claims
do not result from this.

3. Formation of the contract

3.1 The presentation of the goods in the internet shop does not constitute a binding offer of the
Provider to conclude a purchase contract. The customer is thereby only
asked to submit an offer by placing an order.
3.2 By submitting the order in the internet shop, the customer enters
binding offer aimed at the conclusion of a purchase contract for the in
Shopping cart contained goods. By submitting the order, the
Customer also these terms and conditions as for the legal relationship with the
Providers alone.
3.3 The provider takes your order automatically through our shop system
Please note that the automated access confirmation itself is not already
represents an acceptance of the contract offer, but only you
should indicate that we have received and processed your order.
Due to the fact that your order is not an acceptance but a
Represents offer, we reserve the right to accept the order
to reject all or part if necessary.
This only happens in rare exceptional cases. Of course you also get
an immediate notification if the request is rejected.
3.4 We can ensure the permanent availability of articles, especially of
Special offers, not guarantee. If our offers or special offers
are sold out due to pre-orders in the online shop, it is nevertheless
possible that these are reproduced.
3.5 Only those who are 18 or older are entitled to enter into a contract with “Skyfashion”.
Have completed their year of life and have a valid trade and at
When the contract is concluded, your legal capacity is not limited.
3.6 “Skyfashion” sells your goods exclusively to commercial customers who are
by sending a valid proof of trade to the customer
and by entering a valid European VAT ID before ordering
have legitimized.
3.7 All stated prices at “Skyfashion” are net prices,
exclusive of statutory sales tax and plus all shipping costs
arising expenses. The statutory value added tax for Austria from currently
20% is shown separately on the invoice. For companies from EU countries with
Valid UID number applies to intra-Community purchases of goods
0% VAT on goods.

Should export or import taxes become due in the course of shipping, go
these also at the expense of the customer.
3.8 Prices in the advertisements are subject to change and non-binding and only apply
while stocks last.
3.9 Is there a contract between the customer and “Skyfashion”?
come, the customer-buyer is bound to this. On the part of the buyer-customer
is a cancellation of the contract to and after this time no longer
possible. There is no money-back guarantee!

4. Instructions for use and use of images

4.1 The customer (user) can order the goods from Monday to Monday through 0-24h
order by Sunday, but we as the provider process the offer in the period
from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. unless explicitly stated.
4.2. Minimum order quantity: see the homepage! It is purchase of individual parts or LOT purchase
4.3 The information contained in this website has been carefully selected by us
has been put together and we are in constant review and update
tried. However, we can guarantee that it is correct, up to date, complete and complete
The ongoing availability of our content does not assume any liability. We stand
also not that content of our Internet offer for the customer and
its purposes are appropriate.
We provide binding information, advice, recommendations or explanations
exclusively in the context of individual communication.
4.4 The content, design and structure of our website are
copyrighted. The information, texts and information provided by us
Images are only for our users’ individual access
Internet offer determines and may only be reproduced with our consent and
be used for business purposes. A call of our offer from
We do not intend areas outside of Germany and Austria. We
assume no liability for the fact that our internet offer is made for users
suitable, usable or legally permissible in other countries.
4.5 Rights of use of product photos
The photos may not be printed out or used in other print media or
disseminated in any other way. Should be another form of processing
to be requested by the customer, this requires express consent
by “Skyfashion” in a separate written agreement.

5. Terms of payment

5.1 Payment of the purchase price is due upon conclusion of the contract. The total amount is
payable immediately after receipt of the proforma invoice.
5.2 Payment is made in advance – bank transfer.

6. Shipping conditions

6.1 Shipping costs and packaging: see shipping info.
6.2 We deliver our products in the EU countries.
Unless otherwise agreed, the ordered goods will be sent to the customer
stored shipping address sent.
6.3 If some items are not available at short notice or the promised
If you delay the delivery time, we will inform you by email.
In the event that the ordered goods are not available, we reserve the right not to
deliver. In this case we will inform you immediately and already
refund any consideration received immediately.
6.4 The processing of the order or production and dispatch of the goods takes place
only after full payment on our account.
6.5 All specified estimated shipping times are understood
Payment of the full amount of your order in our bank account.

6.6 Delays in delivery caused by legal or official orders (e.g.
Import and export restrictions) are caused and not by us
are represented, extend the delivery period according to the duration of such
Obstacles, the beginning and end of which we will in important cases the buyer
report immediately.
In the event of delivery delays, e.g. through force majeure, traffic disruptions and
High-level rulings as well as other ones for which “Skyfashion” is not responsible
Events, no claim for damages against “Skyfashion” can be raised.
6.7. Delivery period:
The buyer may not reject partial deliveries. If an order is not in the
can be delivered in full, the buyer must have the goods still required
After the delivery period has expired, a subsequent delivery period will be provided by the
Duration of the delivery period, at the most of 20 working days, set in motion. It starts at
agreed delivery date, on the following day, otherwise with
Receipt of the grace period by the seller. After expiry of the subsequent delivery period
Withdrawal from the contract shall be deemed to exclude damage claims
he follows. Payments already received are to be reimbursed. The withdrawal according to the aforementioned paragraph does not occur if the buyer gives the provider during the
Subsequent delivery period declares that he insists on the fulfillment of the contract. The
However, the provider is released from his delivery obligation if the buyer is on
The seller’s request within the subsequent delivery period does not state whether he is on
Fulfillment of contract exists.
Before the subsequent delivery period expires, claims of the buyer are due to late
Delivery excluded.
6.8 In the event of unauthorized refusal to accept the goods delivered by us
we calculate the costs incurred to us, but at least 30.00 euros net.
Our right to fulfill the purchase contract remains unaffected.
6.9 Shipping times specified by the provider are non-binding.

7. Transport damage and transfer of risk

7.1 The buyer is obliged to examine the delivery immediately and
immediately notify the supplier of any obvious damage to the shipping company.
Hidden damage must be paid by the buyer within 3 days of receipt of the
Order, confirm the provider in writing.
7.2 In the case of damage that is not visible externally and only when unpacking the
Goods are recognized, please contact the provider immediately.
7.3 A defect in the goods does not count damage caused by the customer
caused improper or non-contractual treatment.
7.4 The customer bears the risk of sending items to us
to arrive at us. Shipments to us must always be cleared. Unfree
Shipments are generally not accepted. The provider is happy to
to reimburse the postage for justified complaints.

8. Warranty and limitation of liability

8.1 If a delivery item is defective or lacks an assured property
we are entitled to our choice of replacement delivery or rectification.
Multiple repairs are permitted.
8.2 There may also be deviations in terms of colors, motifs and information on the
models presented on the website occur.
The dissatisfaction or slight deviations of the purchase item regarding
Quality, color, shape, are not a defect.
8.3 In the event of a notice of defects, the customer has the corresponding goods with a
the exact description of the fault and returned to us in the original packaging
If there is suspicion of transport damage or missing goods, the

It is imperative to keep the shipping packaging for inspection or to return it
We also expressly point out that in the event of defects that are minor in the
Are within the meaning of the law, no right of withdrawal.
Please also keep in mind that you are also obvious to us as an entrepreneur
Defects in writing within a period of one week from receipt of the goods
have to display. If this does not happen, the assertion of
Warranty claims excluded. However, keep in mind that you
insofar as the 1-week period is respected, only the timely dispatch of the
Notice of defects.
The following are excluded from complaints:

– used or damaged items,
– Items dispatched after the 1 week period
– cash on delivery or prepaid items,
– with only minor defects
8.4 The customer as an entrepreneur also bears the burden of proof for the law
standardized requirements, in particular also for the defect
itself, for the time of the respective discovery of the defect and also for the
Timeliness of the complaint of you declared to us as the provider
respective defect. We as the provider also expect a request first
For your part, perform the service of the provider within a reasonable period
before you can assert a claim for damages against the provider
Claims for damages made by a customer from positive breach of claim
At fault when concluding the contract and from unlawful acts against the
Providers are excluded unless the damage is intentional or
has been caused through gross negligence. This does not apply to claims for damages
from special assurance of properties that the buyer against risk of a
To hedge consequential damage.
8.5 Claims for damages from the impossibility of performance, from positive
Breach of contract, through fault at the conclusion of the contract and from unauthorized
Actions against us are excluded in all cases, unless deliberate
or gross negligence. At most, the simple value of the goods is
Replace time of delivery.
Any consequential damage is excluded from liability in any case.
8.6 Majestic Mode assumes no liability for printing errors or mistakes.

9. Ban on assignment and pledging

9.1 The assignment or pledge by the customer to the provider
entitled claims or rights is without the consent of the provider
excluded unless the customer has a legitimate interest in the assignment
or evidence of pledge.
10. Data protection declaration
10.1 The protection and security of personal data is very important to us
Priority. Therefore, we strictly adhere to the rules of German
Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). Below you will be informed
what type of data is collected and for what purpose it is collected:
10.2 Data transmission / data logging
When you visit this page, the web server automatically records log files that
cannot be assigned to a specific person. These data include e.g. B.
the browser type and version, operating system used, referrer URL (the previous
visited page), IP address of the requesting computer, access date and time
the server request and the file request of the client (file name and URL). These
Data is only collected for statistical analysis. A
Disclosure to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes
not instead.
10.3 Use of personal data
In detail, data is collected and processed as follows:
10.4 When registering:
E-mail address – The e-mail address also serves as the user name for the login An email will be sent to the email address when registering
Activation email sent, with which the customer can activate his account.
Using the & quot; Forgot Password & quot; the customer can change his access data
sent to his email address.
10.5 In the event of default:
Regarding point 5.1 of the general terms and conditions, the email
Address or company address for sending the invoice or reminder
Name and address as well as the delivery address will be used to prepare the invoice in
Used in the case of a paid order. In the case of shipping one
Delivery address is used. In the event of default by the customer us
After unsuccessful reminders, the name and address will be used for the collection.
All data collected during registration are transmitted in encrypted form.
10.6 When buying:
Payment details, PayPal account, bank account or credit card details are used for the
Processing paid orders.
IP address – The IP address will only be charged in the event of tracking a
“Skyfashion” crime used and, if necessary, to the responsible
Law enforcement officers submitted.
All data collected when purchasing is encrypted.
10.7 When using our service form:
Name, address, telephone number and email address – name, address,
Telephone number and email address are only for processing and answering
used by service requests made using the form.
10.8 When ordering the “Skyfashion” newsletter:
E-mail address – The e-mail address is only used for the delivery of “Skyfashion” –
Newsletters used.
10.9 When entering a question or answer in our contact, praise, chat
or newsletter area:
First and last name and email address. Only the name will be yours
set question, answer or the comment you entered
released. The data is used for notification in case of a reply
10.10 Information, change and deletion of your data
In accordance with applicable law, you can always ask us in writing whether and
what personal data we hold about you. A
you will receive the relevant notification immediately.
10.11 Security of your data
Your personal data provided to us will be taken by all
technical and organizational security measures are secured so that they
are inaccessible to access by unauthorized third parties. When sending very
sensitive data or information, it is recommended to use the post,
because complete data security by email cannot be guaranteed.
10.12 Note on Google Analytics
This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc.
(“Google”). Google Analytics uses so-called “cookies”, i.e. H. Text files based on
Your computer will be saved and an analysis of the use of the
Website enabled by you. The information generated by the cookie about
Your use of this website (including your IP address) will be sent to a server
transmitted by Google in the USA and stored there. Google will do this
Use information to evaluate your use of the website, to reports
compile about the website activities for the website operator and to
others related to website and internet use
To provide services. Google will also share this information
if applicable, transferred to third parties if this is required by law or
if third parties process this data on behalf of Google. Google won’t in any
Connect your IP address with other Google data. they
You can install cookies by making the appropriate settings in your
Prevent browser software; however, we would like to point out that you are in this
If not all functions of this website may be fully available

to be able to use. By using this website, you agree to the
Processing of the data collected about you by Google in the manner described above
Way and for the aforementioned purpose.
10.13 cookies
On some of our pages, we use so-called & quot; session cookies & quot; to provide you with the
Facilitate the use of our website. These are small
Text files that are only on your website for the duration of your visit to our website
Hard disk deposited and depending on the setting of your browser program
be deleted when the browser is closed. These cookies do not call
Information stored on your hard drive and does not affect it
Your PC or your files. Most browsers are set to
Automatically accept cookies. You can save cookies however
Deactivate or set your browser so that it can send you the broadcast of
Cookies indicates.
10.14 Changes to this privacy policy
We will use these guidelines to protect your personal information from time to time
To update. You should check out these guidelines from time to time on the
Stay up to date on how we protect your information and our content
Website constantly improve. Should we have significant changes in the collection,
the use and / or disclosure of those you have provided to us
personal data, we will provide you with a unique and
Make this clearly visible on the website.
10.15 By using the website, you agree to the terms of this
Accept guidelines for the protection of personal data.

11. Other
11.1 Based on §1, No. 1 in connection with §14, No. 1 of the
Textile labeling law, the provider points out that all
Unless otherwise stated, garments are made of 100 percent polyester
getting produced.
11.2 Accessories, unless expressly stated, do not belong to the
Scope of delivery.

12. Choice of law & amp; Place of jurisdiction
12.1 The contractual relationship between the provider and the customer
the law of the Republic of Austria applies. From this choice of law
the country’s mandatory consumer protection regulations are excluded, in
which the customer has his habitual residence. The application of the UN
Sales law is excluded.
12.2 Place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship between the
Customers and the provider is the location of the provider – MAJESTIC MODE, if it is
the customer is a merchant, a legal entity of the public
Legal or a special fund under public law.

13. Severability clause

If a provision of these general terms and conditions is ineffective,
this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions

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