5. Delivery and Shipping Privacy

5.2 We supply our products in the EU countries.
The ordered goods unless agreed otherwise be sent to the shipping address provided by Customer.
5.3 If some items not available on short or delay the promised delivery time, you will be informed by e-mail from us about it.
In case of non availability of the ordered goods we reserve the right not to deliver. In this case, we will inform you immediately and refund already receivedcompensation immediately.
5.4 The order processing or production and delivery of goods takes place only after receipt of full payment to our account.
5.5 All expected delivery times are quoted from receipt of your order the full amount to our bank account.
The delivery of goods is carried out usually 5 to 10 business days after receipt of payment to our bank account.

In Collectionen following:
– Collection Ti Amo Dresses
– Collection Maxim

these are not stock goods, so that these Collectionen are produced only after order. Therefore performed in these Collectionen the orders until 2-4 weeks after receipt of payment to our account.
Delivery of the Collection Mariage occurs only 2-8 weeks after payment to our account.

5.6 Delivery delays caused by statutory or regulatory arrangements (eg. As import and export restrictions) and are not the responsibility of us extend the delivery period the duration of such obstacles, the beginning and the end, we are in important cases to the buyer immediately report.
If the delay, such as by force majeure, traffic disruptions and orders from higher authorities and other MAJESTIC MODE is not responsible events, no claim for damages against MAJESTIC MODE may be charged.
5.7. grace period:
The buyer may not reject partial deliveries. If an order can not be delivered in full, the buyer must order the goods yet again required.
After expiry of the delivery period, a grace period from the time of the delivery period, not exceeding 20 working days is set within walking without explanation. It begins at the agreed delivery date, the next succeeding day, otherwise on receipt of respite from the seller. After expiration of the grace period of withdrawal from the contract to the exclusion of compensation claims shall be deemed effected. Already received payments must be reimbursed. Withdrawal under that paragraph does not apply if the buyer the seller explained during the grace period that he insists on the performance of the contract. The provider will, however, be released from hisobligation to deliver when the purchaser on inquiry by the seller within the grace period does not make a statement as to whether he insists on contract performance.
Before the end of the subsequent delivery of the buyer are excluded due to late delivery.
5.8 If the unjustified refusal to accept the goods delivered by us, we calculate the costs incurred by us, but at least 30,00 euro net. Our right to performance of the contract shall remain unaffected.
5.9 given by management delivery times are not binding.

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